Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oswego, via Kansas

James Briery is resident of Kansas and a devoted racing fan.  When work-related travel took him east last summer he seized the opportunity to visit Oswego Speedway on Classic weekend, where he shot this great photo of Bill Fischer piloting the restored Alan Purdy TQ roadster during the Vintage TQ Club’s on-track activities.

(Click the photo for an enlarged view)

Bill Fischer is more than a driver with the Vintage Club.  He is also the organization’s assistant event director under Tom Berry.

And James Briery is more than just a racing fan.  He is a supporter of vintage racing, and he has established a Facebook group for the Belleville High Banks Vintage Nationals in Belleville, Kansas.  If you’re a Facebook member, check out “Belleville High Banks Vintage,” which has a fabulously evocative cover photo.

James Briery’s own Facebook page has dozens of photos from the Oswego Classic weekend, including all divisions.  We’ll be posting more of them here as time goes on.

Thanks, James!