Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Quite 75 Cents

What’s this?

It is the remnants of one of the ATQMRA’s most successful cars, the Zrinski “Six Bits,” the Crosley-powered #75 driven to multiple race victories by Jack Duffy.

Included among those victories was the one-and-only automobile race run inside New York City’s Madison Square Garden more than 40 years ago.

It is now in the hands of Lou Zrinski once again, and Lou is undertaking a full restoration.  (Click the photo for an enlarged view.)  Jack has his helmet bag ready!

An interesting sidebar to this story is that Jack Duffy was the only driver this car ever had.  In the years when the driver was one of the parts most often changed in a race car, the relationship between car owner Zrinski and driver Duffy was solid.

Here is another shot of the car, with Duffy at the wheel, taken after a feature race win at the Freeport Stadium in 1975: