Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not a TQ!

This is not a TQ, it’s a midget.  A “full midget” in the parlance used around the track.  We feature it here this week because the driver (who also happened to be the car’s owner... and designer... and builder) was one of the best in the TQs before turning his attention to the midgets.

He’s Jerry Wall, and the car is his distinctive and very successful “Yellowjacket” Chevy V4 midget, not the first rear-engine midget but certainly the first successful one.  Jerry won a lot of races with this car.

During his racing career Jerry lived and worked in Little Falls, NJ, close to Pine Brook and Teaneck and other busy TQ racing venues at the time.  He was a TQ winner in conventional upright cars, roadsters, and even rear-engine TQs.

We confess: We loved the look of this car.   Still do.