Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vintage Painted!

The color image shown below is not a photo, but a painting, based on the black & white photo shown below it.  It was painted by an artist named Joel Naprstek on behalf of a TQ racing fan named Wayne DeWald.  Mr. DeWald sent it to us along with the following information:

I really enjoy your website. I visited Pine Brook once in the mid-late '60s and greatly enjoyed the races.    I have the old Crocky Wright book about TQs at Pine Brook.  My Dad and I befriended Tony Romit while he was racing full midgets in Florida and I have a couple photos of him in his TQ.

My Dad, George DeWald, raced TQs in South Florida from about 1960 until 1972 or '73. The painting is from Florida City Speedway, a beautiful banked 1/8th mile oval south of Miami that opened in May, 1964.

The car is Crosley-powered and did pretty well at tracks throughout South Florida, always in the top ten in points.  My Dad bought the car and trailer as well as a few spare wheels/tires for $350!

Just as we are trying to preserve the history of the ATQMRA at this site and the history of Pine Brook on the Pine Brook site, some people who were involved with Florida City Speedway are doing a nice job of preserving that track’s history with their own web site, which you can see by clicking here.

Florida City Speedway was in south Florida, near Homestead, and there are a lot of parallels to be drawn with Pine Brook.  The track was purpose-built for TQ racing in the early 1960s.  Although larger than Pine Brook, the track was nonetheless relatively small, described as a 1/8-mile.  And while the mini-stocks that were born at Pine Brook failed to thrive at Pine Brook, the same class of cars was successful at Florida City Speedway.

Sadly, Florida City Speedway did experience something that thankfully never happened at Pine Brook, a fatal accident.

The TQs that raced there were not generally ATQMRA-legal cars, because the use of alcohol-nitro fuel mixtures was permitted.