Thursday, January 17, 2013


Two photos of the same race car, taken more than 40 years apart.

At Pine Brook in 1972, smiling for the camera before climbing aboard his number 26, is Bill Force.  There is some last-minute attention being given to the right-rear corner of the car by Bill’s crew, and National Speed Sport News correspondent Bill Shand looks on.

At the Dimension Design shop in 2013 sits the same race car, freshly restored for the upcoming Vintage Club season.  There is some last-minute attention yet to be given to the car – the rear bumper is not yet installed, for example – but the car is nearly ready to go in a photo taken this past week.

As always, click either photo for an enlarged view.

In 1972 Bill Force teamed with his father, Hank, to field the car.  Today, Bill Force is teamed with his own son, Bill Jr, in the Vintage Club.