Thursday, May 23, 2013


For so many people associated with TQ racing over the past 45+ years, the name "Harry" was all that was necessary to identify Harry Macy, the bedrock of TQ racing in the western New York and southern Ontario region.

We lost Harry this week.

Harry Macy was one of the founding fathers of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club in 1966, and from 1966 to 2013 he was immersed in TQ racing.  He was present in Atlantic City this past winter as the owner of, as always, car number 9.

But Harry was much more than a racer.  He was a tireless promoter of his favorite form of racing.  "Tireless" may in fact be a word that was invented to describe Harry Macy.  At an age when many men retire to a rocking chair, and with physical setbacks that would sap the spirit of most people, Harry did not slow down at all.

We are glad to have known him, and to have known him for so many years.